Samsung Galaxy S10e Review

Samsung Galaxy S10e Review

It is the phone which surely the shopping lovers are going to love. Samsung Galaxy S10 is a small phone with a core camera and a chip set of 855, which is why it is incredible in capturing quality photos and has an incredible speed as well. There is a wireless power mode, too, which is always spot on. The extended battery life of the phone makes it worth using for whole day long with internet-connected. There is a fingerprint reader, too, that helps you unlock your phone on just one fingerprint scan.

It is a terrific phone in so many amazing features at a price of just $500, which is worth paying. It is one of the best phones by Samsung in the S10 phones at a fantastic value. However, you might feel it annoying if you compare it with a cell phone having 6.7 inches screen, dual-core quad-camera, or the 5G facility in, but this S10E is undoubtedly much more than what you have been expecting from your old phone. However, the galaxy fold screen issues are still present.

Galaxy S10E

The thing which makes Galaxy S10E the best is the tidy and complete package with the same features that Galaxy S10 plus offers at the price of $1000 that is high than what’s affordable. Galaxy S10 E is a perfect phone that started on the amount of $750, and despite some bit of flaws, it’s just an ideal phone for you to have. There two fundamental tradeoffs that will make this galaxy S10 E perfect for you and will solve all the potential problems that you might have been facing. This E in the model name represents Essential and at the same time, Excellence too.
Getting more rooted in the fantastic features of this galaxy S10 E, it has the same pie android interface that is one of the specialties of the Samsung phones and also has the 855 chipsets in it.
The screen of this phone is excellent and has a long and durable battery life, which lets you use the phone for a longer period without worrying about charging it. The best thing about Samsung S10 E is that its water and dust resistant.

Key differences

Two fundamental differences make this S10 E has. Firstly it has a flat-screen, not the curved one, which makes it a bit less stylish than S10 plus. This cell phone though is comfortable to hold.
Another trade-off which this S10 E holds is that it doesn’t have any in-screen ultrasonic fingerprint reader in this like the different versions of S10 have in them. But the fingerprint scanner that this cell phone has is of a capacitive style that is present in the power button of the cell. However, this can be difficult for the lefties to unlock the cell phone with this feature.
In short Samsung Galaxy, S10 E is worth paying the price for all the fantastic features it holds, especially for the people who love small phones with amazing features.

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