How can I force my Windows 10 laptop to update?

How can I force my Windows 10 laptop to update?

Microsoft keeps on updating the versions of its windows after every three years or more. It supports every window for ten years of its invention, and then it becomes obsolete. Window XP and window 7 are such examples. Microsoft had launched its windows ten some years back from now. It is one of the most used windows in the operating systems.

The operating systems are updated almost every month without your need to pay any extra charges.
WaaS has played a crucial role in mitigating the expenses of significant updates due to which organizations had to suffer huge costs of technology. This change in the WaaS technology system has brought a shift in the technology system of Microsoft as well. Similarly, it opens a new policy named as new lifecycle policy in which support of 18 months provided to the basic versions of Windows 10. It provides you with the benefit of lifetime support to your system as long as you have windows ten on your computer. The net result from all this description is that Microsoft keeps on providing the necessary support to at least the last three versions it has.

Your version of windows

If you are using the last version of Windows ten, that was version 1803. Your laptop is continuously signaling you that it is the up to date version of the windows. However, if due to any other reasons you have been unable to install the recent two updates of the windows 1903 and 1809, then in that situation, you would be having an outdated version of the windows. Such a case would need you to replace the windows you are currently using.

The situation anyhow here is precisely the same as someone using the old but updated version. Windows 7, with all the updates, needs a replacement instead of updating again. What Microsoft wants is that everyone uses the same version. It may not be economical to provide support to different versions. It is why it is using the technique of end of support for people to keep their systems updated with the latest windows and their most recent releases.
The PCs are getting smarter with the use of tools as WSUS that keeps on updating the windows regularly and automatically. It is how organizations are dealing with the issue of updating windows and their versions.

Upgrade strategies

Due to WaaS, the process of updating the windows version is a bit changed, and the time of update, not every system gets a code at the same time as per expectations. Updating several PCs take more time than the usual.

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