Everything You Need to Know about PlayStation 5 vs. Xbox Scarlett

Sony and Microsoft have announced to soon be releasing the next-generation and step forward in consoles. Those are sure to have additional features and major improvements in the processing power to be able to run the newly introduced video games for video game fanatics. Both Sony and Microsoft will be launching their newly-improved products in the holiday season of 2020. But fret not, as there are certain sneak peeks of what to expect from the new technology, and better be able to decide which you choose to opt for when the product launch day arrives.
Xbox Scarlett
• CPU: Navi technology and Custom AMD with Zen 2
• GPU: Reportedly “Arcturus 12”
• Optical Drive: Yes
• 4K: Yes
Play Station 5
• CPU: Eight-core AMD Ryzen
• GPU: Radeon Navi with ray tracing support
• Optical Drive: Yes
• 4K: Yes

• Specifications
Sony and Microsoft both have been honestly direct about detailing the specifications of their upcoming products to guarantee to players that they truly will be next-generation consoles.
The Xbox Scarlett is powered by the new Zen 2 and Navi AMD processors, sports high bandwidth GDDR6 memory, which reduces load times through next-generation SSDs, and supports buzzworthy performance features like 8K, ray-tracing, and 120FPS. According to Microsoft, the Xbox Scarlett is four times more powerful than the Xbox One X.
The PlayStation 5 has a third-generation AMD Ryzen chip and an eight-core 7nm Zen 2 that permits for 3D audio. The SSDs are custom for higher bandwidth. The Radeon Navi GPU is also custom and support 8K and ray-tracing resolutions.
• Backward Compatibility
Both consoles are putting backward compatibility as a top priority. This allows for all of the games to be able to work on the new consoles and chances are that they may even perform better. This also applies to the accessories in addition. This also means that Project Scarlett will have a disc drive. Gamers are also hoping for the power of these consoles to allow for older systems to be outdone without any difficulty.
• Games
Up till now the only game which has been confirmed for either of these console systems is Halo. For the time being on the PlayStation 4, Death Stranding has been already confirmed for launch in November 2019. Chances of The Last of Us Part 2 launching in February 2019 are also very highly likely. This leaves Ghost of Tsushima as the Sony exclusive without an imprecise release date. Lastly, the largest third party games are most likely the next-generation exclusives which are, Bethesda RPGs Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6.
• Additional Features
Sony showed how the SSDs of the PlayStation 5 could dramatically reduce the load time in the PlayStation 4 games. It seems like Sony just wants to make load times almost or completely non-existent in the next generation. Further than that though we can only assume at the moment, what the extra features are in the continued support for the overall PlayStation Network.
In the case of Microsoft, there is a clearer picture of it since Microsoft is evidently more involved in its online services in comparison to its hardware at the moment. You can expect to take the full benefit of an Xbox Game Pass subscription on the upcoming Project Scarlett. You won’t just be downloading games on the Xbox Game Pass subscription, but you will also be streaming the games wherever you are through the Project xCloud.

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