With the evolution of Smartphones, the use of voice assistants plus, up-gradation of technology is giving a lot of benefits to the users. People use Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Amazon Virtual assistant to get guidelines. They use for taking directions, searching for the app, and even getting help in controlling the home lock system.

Although many other benefits are associated with these digital assistants. Besides, there are some dark sides of the voice assistants top. Some of the cons that you must know while using these virtual assistants are

Voice recognition issue

Errors are part of the machine. Although most of the time, the voice assistant responds 100% to your voice and perform the task accurately. Yet sometimes, it does not recognize the voice properly and complete the task with accuracy. So, you have to be careful either it is performing well or not. Especially if you ask to find a particular direction and you rely on it. Then you may have to face a time wastage as maybe you start moving the specific direction. Eventually, you come to know that you are going wrong, and you have to move back to find the right path. So, before moving, check either your digital sector is guiding you correctly or not.

Security problems

The weak internet connection and password mat lead to security problems. The voice assistant may respond to hackers and maybe troubleshooting in providing access to the viral content. Therefore, to avoid this problem have a strong encryption system so voice assistant may not become a factor for leakage of private information of your system

Privacy concerns

It happens when your phone microphone is always on, and your voice assistant always responds to your voice. The main drawback is the self-ordering for online shopping. Especially when your children are using mobile, and your settings are not accordingly, they may order any product. And many such cases may happen. Therefore, to keep your phone safe, try to switch off the voice assistant, microphone, and other settings. So, when your phone is in your child’s hand, he may send wrong commands that your voice assistant follows to complete the task. To avoid such a scenario, check settings and switch off the microphone before giving to your child, so no troubleshooting occurs in your absence.

With the advancement in technology, people rely on technology. Most use the gadgets to complete their task. People rely on technology and have stopped practicing some everyday tasks and avoiding brain exercises. It is creating a severe mental health problem in the upcoming generation. The voice assistant helps them to perform. They don’t use their mind to check either the voice assistant is doing accurate or not. These are best only when you remain focused and keep your phone settings accurate otherwise, and these keep on working. Thus, it may lead to security issues, and you may have to face severe consequences. Therefore, to avoid the drawbacks of this handy software, be careful, and use wisely. 

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