Finally, the long-awaited news from Apple stores is here, only this time to be more unexpected than ever. Apple takes on Netflix with a $5-a-month streaming service leaving apple users awe-struck. Since Apple has, from the beginning, invested billions of dollars in developing its originals, so coming up with such news didn’t come to us as a shock.

But what’s ground-breaking is its cost. When the rumors of apple’s video space hit the markets, experts anticipated that it would cost Apple users around $8-$10 per month. Also, Disney is in the run launching its streaming service into the market, providing movies and original series from its vault. Disney has announced its service to be $7 per month.

Resultantly, something out-of-the-way was expected of Apple to survive against Disney and Netflix, as both of these are at the top of their premises. But apple startled everyone with its big news. People thought of exciting new and unorthodox features in Apple TV plus or high-quality content. But no one could hint at such a low cost.

Apple has a reputation for big-budgets and high-costs; it has become Apple’s significant feature. But bending all their rules, Apple has already taken the top spot with its streaming service, which is due on 1st November. Its minimal cost and high-quality content have got its users craving for the service.

Apple has sealed the deal

Not only the unusually nominal cost, but Apple has also gifted its fans another mind-blowing offer. Anyone who buys a new Apple gadget gets to enjoy Apple TV plus free for the next 365 days. Wow. Apple really has played the trump card making sure that its video service goes eyeball to eyeball with Netflix.

Netflix has over 150 million subscribers, and the number is only growing. Competing it required something creative and unique from both Apple and Disney.

Apple TV plus

All-set to battle Netflix on the entertainment front, Apple has spent $6 billion on its first-ever streaming service. It will feature all of Apple’s original shows and movies. Up till now, nine titles have been confirmed to release as the service premiers on 1st November.

The genres set to release include drama, thriller, comedy, and a bibliophilic series. Celebrities marking the beginning of this new and exciting era include Jennifer Anniston, Oprah Winfrey, and Hailee Steinfeld. Apple users also get to spot Jason Momoa and Reese Witherspoon as the service enters the streaming world.

Furthermore, in the coming times, five more titles are confirmed to be added on Apple TV plus.

Apple TV plus’s Features

NO ADVERTISEMENTS. You read it right. In a world where we cannot see a picture without advertisements, Apple provides the ultimate relief to its users with a no-ad policy. Unlike Netflix and like the typical TV services, its episodes will air weekly with the first three releases at the same time.

The best yet feature, besides its cost obviously, is the family feature. You and up to five members of your family can share a plan to watch all of Apple’s original stuff under one subscription.

Users of a hundred countries will be getting this service. This and all other features have got people excited for the big release.

So, as Apple takes on Netflix with a $5 a month streaming service, what are your thoughts? Is Apple TV going to beat Netflix in the coming years? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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