Apple has been aggressive with its upgrades recently. To provide the ultimate quality and counter unwanted bugs, Apple prioritizes user-experience, and the world can feel it. An upgrade focuses on bringing better and positive aspects forward and eliminating the unwanted or malfunctioned features. The APPLE IOS 13.1.1 now available with many fixes to Apple users. Upgrades can also be termed as the evolutionary process in the digital or technological world. And Apple lives up to its name.

Apple 13.1.1

The IOS 13.1.1 is now available with many fixes. It is the second upgrade of Apple version 13 after the first upgrade of 13.1. This new upgrade is characterized not only for its additional features but for fixing bugs, which are causing troubles for Apple users. Both the upgrades have been launched in a week of the release of IOS 13, reflecting upon how crucial and mandatory these upgrades are for any Apple IOS 13 user.

Its target users

Apple IOS 13.1.1 is compatible with iPhone 6S and all its successive versions, including the 7th generation iPod. Many of the users will be upgraded automatically, but if you are among them and your version has not been upgraded yet, you can do it manually.

Third-party keyboard bug

With the release IOS 13, third-party keyboards were accessible from anywhere around the globe without the user’s permission. This was catastrophic, and version 13.1.1 gave a solution to this problem.

Keyboards like Google board and others are authorized to send any of your data online that is easily accessible. This can be hazardous for people who like to keep their stuff to themselves as these keyboards, which are not native to IOS, leak every word you type on them.

Apple has successfully removed this issue, and now none of the third-party keyboards can discharge data behind the user’s back.

Other bugs

Also, the synchronization of reminders was recorded to be slow as compared to the other versions. Thankfully, it has been fixed in this upgrade. Furthermore, vocal recognition has been improved manifold on iPhone 11 and family.

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