Samsung Galaxy S10e Review

Samsung Galaxy S10e Review

It is the phone which surely the shopping lovers are going to love. Samsung Galaxy S10 is a small phone with a core camera and a chip set of 855, which is why it is incredible in capturing quality photos and has an incredible speed as well. There is a wireless power mode, too, which is always spot on. The extended battery life of the phone makes it worth using for whole day long with internet-connected. There is a fingerprint reader, too, that helps you unlock your phone on just one fingerprint scan.

It is a terrific phone in so many amazing features at a price of just $500, which is worth paying. It is one of the best phones by Samsung in the S10 phones at a fantastic value. However, you might feel it annoying if you compare it with a cell phone having 6.7 inches screen, dual-core quad-camera, or the 5G facility in, but this S10E is undoubtedly much more than what you have been expecting from your old phone. However, the galaxy fold screen issues are still present.

Galaxy S10E

The thing which makes Galaxy S10E the best is the tidy and complete package with the same features that Galaxy S10 plus offers at the price of $1000 that is high than what’s affordable. Galaxy S10 E is a perfect phone that started on the amount of $750, and despite some bit of flaws, it’s just an ideal phone for you to have. There two fundamental tradeoffs that will make this galaxy S10 E perfect for you and will solve all the potential problems that you might have been facing. This E in the model name represents Essential and at the same time, Excellence too.
Getting more rooted in the fantastic features of this galaxy S10 E, it has the same pie android interface that is one of the specialties of the Samsung phones and also has the 855 chipsets in it.
The screen of this phone is excellent and has a long and durable battery life, which lets you use the phone for a longer period without worrying about charging it. The best thing about Samsung S10 E is that its water and dust resistant.

Key differences

Two fundamental differences make this S10 E has. Firstly it has a flat-screen, not the curved one, which makes it a bit less stylish than S10 plus. This cell phone though is comfortable to hold.
Another trade-off which this S10 E holds is that it doesn’t have any in-screen ultrasonic fingerprint reader in this like the different versions of S10 have in them. But the fingerprint scanner that this cell phone has is of a capacitive style that is present in the power button of the cell. However, this can be difficult for the lefties to unlock the cell phone with this feature.
In short Samsung Galaxy, S10 E is worth paying the price for all the fantastic features it holds, especially for the people who love small phones with amazing features.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Review

iPhone 11 Pro Max Review

When it comes to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, it becomes difficult to find much wrong with it. The screen is excellent as the videos and games run lag-free and the battery life is long-lasting. Lastly, the triple-camera system is a topic on its own. Let’s get into a thorough review of the new Apple product.

  • Appearance

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is a tad bit wider and taller given its 6.5-inch screen size in comparison to its former version. But the grand difference is in its weight as it is 18 grams heavier and requires the help of both hands to reach up till the top of the screen.

It is among the very few phones made of stainless steel. Similarly, it is more durable compared to aluminum on most smartphones. The front and back of the phone enfold in ‘durable glass’, along with the feature of having a matte texture on the back of the phone. This largely helps in avoiding getting your phone getting smudged by unpleasant fingerprints.

The new Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max comes in the latest color of midnight green which is different from the usual silver, gold, and grey.

  • Bigger-Screen

The 6.5-inch size OLED screen offers the extra real estate while watching videos or playing games. It uses a Super Retina XDR screen, which offers a sharp 2,688 x 1,242 resolution, exceptionally accurate colors, and remarkable brightness which can go up to 1,200 units in HDR scenes.

  • Camera Trio

Additionally, Apple has an extra lens on the back of the iPhone. It’s not great, appearance-wise as the lens holes are so huge that they are too noticeable and stand out. All three lenses have a metal bezel around them.

Smart HDR is smarter. This new feature of semantic rendering that clicks numerous underexposed photos before tapping the shutter button. The camera can also understand specific parts of the image, and apply Smart HDR improvements to those parts.

The triple-camera system includes 12 megapixels for each sensor. The first f/1.8 sensor is the standard wide-angle lens. The second is the telephoto lens, with a wider f/2.0 aperture, and lastly the new ultra-wide-angle lens, with an f/2.4 aperture and a 120-degree field of view.

  • Video Improvements

The iPhone 11 Pro Max cameras can now shoot a video in 4K at 60 frames per second, with good stabilization and deliver smoother shots. New features include Slofies which are slow-motion selfies.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max has maximum speed due to Apple’s A13 Bionic processor which allegedly delivers 20% faster GPU and CPU performance. The phone runs Apple’s latest software version, iOS 13. The ‘Dark Mode’ with the latest software update makes the OLED screen look beautiful. Swipe typing is now available, Face ID detection is faster, and stronger privacy features offer more support. Updates on the phone come instantly as soon as Apple issues them.

  • Battery Life

The battery life is phenomenal as it can last for more than a day even after having being used for a whole day; it generally depends on your usage of the phone. The charging speed has also improved since Apple is now packing an 18W fast charger along with the iPhone 11 Pro Max in the box.

  • Storage

The storage is not as perfect. The current storage on the phone is 64 GB which should be increased to 128GB. Since there is also no MicroSD card slot on the phone and Apple still offers only 5GB worth of free iCloud storage.

  • Price Availability

  • The iPhone 11 Pro Max for the base 64GB model is available for $1,100. Or you can get $45.79/month for a monthly installment plan.
  • The 256GB storage option is priced at $1,249.
  • The 512GB storage option is priced at $1,449.

Phishing E-mail How to Deal with that Tries to Blackmail You?

How to Deal with Phishing E-mail that Tries to Blackmail You?

Phishing E-mail is used to steal a user’s personal data. It occurs when a scammer targets any user into opening an e-mail or text message. If you have been getting phishing e-mails which try to blackmail you into paying them money then here are some of the best ways to deal with such a situation.

Dealing with Spam Messages:

Firstly, the best way out of all is to ignore any phishing or spam messages and delete them instantly. Without opening them, or clicking on any links or attachments within the e-mail and without replying to them. Make sure to, especially, not enter any personal or financial information onto the websites inside e-mail and not pay any amount of money.

The majority of these e-mails may include a single-pixel, transparent image, called a beacon. Once a user opens the e-mail, the beacon fetches a tiny image.gif file from a remote server. This lets the spammers know that they have hit a functioning email address.

Role of Anti-Virus:

You should keep in mind that phishing or such spam e-mails may also include efforts to infect your computer with malware. In this case, your anti-virus software needs to be up-to-date. You can also apply any form of cover over your computer’s camera. This can be either bought from any store, or a small strip of electrical tape will also do the job just fine.

Password Security:

Secondly, you should stop using the password that the scammer tries within the phishing email. Since there may be a good chance that one of your passwords was exposed in any of the attempts made by the hacker. You can also employ a password manager to help you keep your passwords distinctive and strong.

A person can also enable two-factor authentication whenever any of your online accounts present the option to do so, to protect your security and privacy online.

Email Address Protection:

You can check whether your e-mail address has been pwned by typing your email addresses into the website, Have I Been Pwned? Your e-mail address comes up, then you must change your password.

If you use the same password on any other account, then you should also change the password on those accounts. If the website reveals that your password is insecure, change that. Although chances are that you may not have been pwned, since your password is not unique it is susceptible to some attack.

Phishing Attempts:

Lastly, reporting phishing attempts is easy yet optional since some users get several phishing emails every other day. In which case, it is very unlikely to report each and every one of them, so most generally ignore and delete them. On the other hand, reporting any form of crime requires added effort.

If you really want to report these e-mails, then, in that case, you should create an account. You can file a report as a ‘guest.’ Creating an account also offers several options. The options include saving and resuming reports, updating them later on.

How can I force my Windows 10 laptop to update?

How can I force my Windows 10 laptop to update?

Microsoft keeps on updating the versions of its windows after every three years or more. It supports every window for ten years of its invention, and then it becomes obsolete. Window XP and window 7 are such examples. Microsoft had launched its windows ten some years back from now. It is one of the most used windows in the operating systems.

The operating systems are updated almost every month without your need to pay any extra charges.
WaaS has played a crucial role in mitigating the expenses of significant updates due to which organizations had to suffer huge costs of technology. This change in the WaaS technology system has brought a shift in the technology system of Microsoft as well. Similarly, it opens a new policy named as new lifecycle policy in which support of 18 months provided to the basic versions of Windows 10. It provides you with the benefit of lifetime support to your system as long as you have windows ten on your computer. The net result from all this description is that Microsoft keeps on providing the necessary support to at least the last three versions it has.

Your version of windows

If you are using the last version of Windows ten, that was version 1803. Your laptop is continuously signaling you that it is the up to date version of the windows. However, if due to any other reasons you have been unable to install the recent two updates of the windows 1903 and 1809, then in that situation, you would be having an outdated version of the windows. Such a case would need you to replace the windows you are currently using.

The situation anyhow here is precisely the same as someone using the old but updated version. Windows 7, with all the updates, needs a replacement instead of updating again. What Microsoft wants is that everyone uses the same version. It may not be economical to provide support to different versions. It is why it is using the technique of end of support for people to keep their systems updated with the latest windows and their most recent releases.
The PCs are getting smarter with the use of tools as WSUS that keeps on updating the windows regularly and automatically. It is how organizations are dealing with the issue of updating windows and their versions.

Upgrade strategies

Due to WaaS, the process of updating the windows version is a bit changed, and the time of update, not every system gets a code at the same time as per expectations. Updating several PCs take more time than the usual.

Everything You Need to Know about PlayStation 5 vs. Xbox Scarlett

Sony and Microsoft have announced to soon be releasing the next-generation and step forward in consoles. Those are sure to have additional features and major improvements in the processing power to be able to run the newly introduced video games for video game fanatics. Both Sony and Microsoft will be launching their newly-improved products in the holiday season of 2020. But fret not, as there are certain sneak peeks of what to expect from the new technology, and better be able to decide which you choose to opt for when the product launch day arrives.
Xbox Scarlett
• CPU: Navi technology and Custom AMD with Zen 2
• GPU: Reportedly “Arcturus 12”
• Optical Drive: Yes
• 4K: Yes
Play Station 5
• CPU: Eight-core AMD Ryzen
• GPU: Radeon Navi with ray tracing support
• Optical Drive: Yes
• 4K: Yes

• Specifications
Sony and Microsoft both have been honestly direct about detailing the specifications of their upcoming products to guarantee to players that they truly will be next-generation consoles.
The Xbox Scarlett is powered by the new Zen 2 and Navi AMD processors, sports high bandwidth GDDR6 memory, which reduces load times through next-generation SSDs, and supports buzzworthy performance features like 8K, ray-tracing, and 120FPS. According to Microsoft, the Xbox Scarlett is four times more powerful than the Xbox One X.
The PlayStation 5 has a third-generation AMD Ryzen chip and an eight-core 7nm Zen 2 that permits for 3D audio. The SSDs are custom for higher bandwidth. The Radeon Navi GPU is also custom and support 8K and ray-tracing resolutions.
• Backward Compatibility
Both consoles are putting backward compatibility as a top priority. This allows for all of the games to be able to work on the new consoles and chances are that they may even perform better. This also applies to the accessories in addition. This also means that Project Scarlett will have a disc drive. Gamers are also hoping for the power of these consoles to allow for older systems to be outdone without any difficulty.
• Games
Up till now the only game which has been confirmed for either of these console systems is Halo. For the time being on the PlayStation 4, Death Stranding has been already confirmed for launch in November 2019. Chances of The Last of Us Part 2 launching in February 2019 are also very highly likely. This leaves Ghost of Tsushima as the Sony exclusive without an imprecise release date. Lastly, the largest third party games are most likely the next-generation exclusives which are, Bethesda RPGs Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6.
• Additional Features
Sony showed how the SSDs of the PlayStation 5 could dramatically reduce the load time in the PlayStation 4 games. It seems like Sony just wants to make load times almost or completely non-existent in the next generation. Further than that though we can only assume at the moment, what the extra features are in the continued support for the overall PlayStation Network.
In the case of Microsoft, there is a clearer picture of it since Microsoft is evidently more involved in its online services in comparison to its hardware at the moment. You can expect to take the full benefit of an Xbox Game Pass subscription on the upcoming Project Scarlett. You won’t just be downloading games on the Xbox Game Pass subscription, but you will also be streaming the games wherever you are through the Project xCloud.

Dark Side of Voice Assistants: Siri, Cortana and Alexa.

With the evolution of Smartphones, the use of voice assistants plus, up-gradation of technology is giving a lot of benefits to the users. People use Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Amazon Virtual assistant to get guidelines. They use for taking directions, searching for the app, and even getting help in controlling the home lock system.

Although many other benefits are associated with these digital assistants. Besides, there are some dark sides of the voice assistants top. Some of the cons that you must know while using these virtual assistants are

Voice recognition issue

Errors are part of the machine. Although most of the time, the voice assistant responds 100% to your voice and perform the task accurately. Yet sometimes, it does not recognize the voice properly and complete the task with accuracy. So, you have to be careful either it is performing well or not. Especially if you ask to find a particular direction and you rely on it. Then you may have to face a time wastage as maybe you start moving the specific direction. Eventually, you come to know that you are going wrong, and you have to move back to find the right path. So, before moving, check either your digital sector is guiding you correctly or not.

Security problems

The weak internet connection and password mat lead to security problems. The voice assistant may respond to hackers and maybe troubleshooting in providing access to the viral content. Therefore, to avoid this problem have a strong encryption system so voice assistant may not become a factor for leakage of private information of your system

Privacy concerns

It happens when your phone microphone is always on, and your voice assistant always responds to your voice. The main drawback is the self-ordering for online shopping. Especially when your children are using mobile, and your settings are not accordingly, they may order any product. And many such cases may happen. Therefore, to keep your phone safe, try to switch off the voice assistant, microphone, and other settings. So, when your phone is in your child’s hand, he may send wrong commands that your voice assistant follows to complete the task. To avoid such a scenario, check settings and switch off the microphone before giving to your child, so no troubleshooting occurs in your absence.

With the advancement in technology, people rely on technology. Most use the gadgets to complete their task. People rely on technology and have stopped practicing some everyday tasks and avoiding brain exercises. It is creating a severe mental health problem in the upcoming generation. The voice assistant helps them to perform. They don’t use their mind to check either the voice assistant is doing accurate or not. These are best only when you remain focused and keep your phone settings accurate otherwise, and these keep on working. Thus, it may lead to security issues, and you may have to face severe consequences. Therefore, to avoid the drawbacks of this handy software, be careful, and use wisely. 


Finally, the long-awaited news from Apple stores is here, only this time to be more unexpected than ever. Apple takes on Netflix with a $5-a-month streaming service leaving apple users awe-struck. Since Apple has, from the beginning, invested billions of dollars in developing its originals, so coming up with such news didn’t come to us as a shock.

But what’s ground-breaking is its cost. When the rumors of apple’s video space hit the markets, experts anticipated that it would cost Apple users around $8-$10 per month. Also, Disney is in the run launching its streaming service into the market, providing movies and original series from its vault. Disney has announced its service to be $7 per month.

Resultantly, something out-of-the-way was expected of Apple to survive against Disney and Netflix, as both of these are at the top of their premises. But apple startled everyone with its big news. People thought of exciting new and unorthodox features in Apple TV plus or high-quality content. But no one could hint at such a low cost.

Apple has a reputation for big-budgets and high-costs; it has become Apple’s significant feature. But bending all their rules, Apple has already taken the top spot with its streaming service, which is due on 1st November. Its minimal cost and high-quality content have got its users craving for the service.

Apple has sealed the deal

Not only the unusually nominal cost, but Apple has also gifted its fans another mind-blowing offer. Anyone who buys a new Apple gadget gets to enjoy Apple TV plus free for the next 365 days. Wow. Apple really has played the trump card making sure that its video service goes eyeball to eyeball with Netflix.

Netflix has over 150 million subscribers, and the number is only growing. Competing it required something creative and unique from both Apple and Disney.

Apple TV plus

All-set to battle Netflix on the entertainment front, Apple has spent $6 billion on its first-ever streaming service. It will feature all of Apple’s original shows and movies. Up till now, nine titles have been confirmed to release as the service premiers on 1st November.

The genres set to release include drama, thriller, comedy, and a bibliophilic series. Celebrities marking the beginning of this new and exciting era include Jennifer Anniston, Oprah Winfrey, and Hailee Steinfeld. Apple users also get to spot Jason Momoa and Reese Witherspoon as the service enters the streaming world.

Furthermore, in the coming times, five more titles are confirmed to be added on Apple TV plus.

Apple TV plus’s Features

NO ADVERTISEMENTS. You read it right. In a world where we cannot see a picture without advertisements, Apple provides the ultimate relief to its users with a no-ad policy. Unlike Netflix and like the typical TV services, its episodes will air weekly with the first three releases at the same time.

The best yet feature, besides its cost obviously, is the family feature. You and up to five members of your family can share a plan to watch all of Apple’s original stuff under one subscription.

Users of a hundred countries will be getting this service. This and all other features have got people excited for the big release.

So, as Apple takes on Netflix with a $5 a month streaming service, what are your thoughts? Is Apple TV going to beat Netflix in the coming years? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

What Kind of Data Hackers get About You?

Cybercrime has taken digital platforms with a storm. Every day a more menacing digital delinquency takes on the world, and people are sleeping at its face. With little to no public awareness of cybercrimes, how hackers commit them, and what kind of data hackers get about you, it gets worse by the passing day.

Hackers are of different types — some with purposes, some without. The majority of the hackers operate with an agenda and are more dangerous. Almost all of your data is online and can be who knows a little about coding, and signaling can access it. But, not all of your information is targeted.

What kind of data is at risk?

Many hackers, whether operating with a motive or not, try to get their hands on the most informative data of yours. This segregation also depends upon the aim of a hacker.

Personal Information

Anything that reveals your identity and links your social and personal life falls in the category of personal information. This is the most common data Target. Hackers break into your devices, utilizing various techniques, and rob you of your vital information. Passwords, bank accounts, intellectual property, legal matters.

Trade information

People who run their businesses online, especially those who trade online, need to secure their matters with the most complicated encryption policies. So, even after processing, it becomes hard for the hackers to crack the security locks. Business plans and market analysis are at higher risk and can be stolen from you either by your competitors or for any other reason.


People, generally, believe that health information like insurance is not usually at risk of hacking. However, it is as important to them as any other sort of information. Your insurance can be used by frauds to get the compensation money.

Ways in which your systems can be hacked

If you have a device full of valuable information, make sure to keep it as safe as your wallet or jewelry. Hackers get into your system through various routes. Some of these are direct routes. Your data can be stolen by connecting a USB directly into your system. If your device is not having secure passwords, and you have left it open, it is vulnerable. Hackers, nowadays, use modernized weapons to attack.

5 Unbelievable Advances in Gaming Technology.

Just like the advancement of technology in different scientific fields, the gaming industry has also got evolution. If you are interested to know about the ten unbelievable advances in gaming technology, then have a look below. Have a review of how science has taken gaming technology to extreme advancement levels.



Just imagine how cool you look behind the screen. The latest development of gaming technology that has propelled in this industry is facial recognition. Before starting the game, the sensor recognizes your face and create custom avatars that match the user’s face. Through this technology, the player uses their facial expressions to proceed in the game.

Even the strong scanners recognize your facial emotions at different points, and you get the level accordingly. This advancement you can see in Intel Real Sense 3D camera. That recognizes your emotion and decide the difficulty level accordingly.


No need to use your hands for switching the game on or off. Or use the remote to move the character to left or right. Thanks to voice recognition technology through which you speak, and your avatar moves behind the screen. The children with weak limbs or suffering from any disability can enjoy the game with voice recognition technology.



Another advancement in gaming technology that has inspired the gamers is the gesture control. Move your body to beat your enemies and move to the next level. This technology has undoubtedly double the fun of players



The original and natural graphics add the charm to game/ the high image quality, vibrant colors, and animations all have added a new life in games. The player just gets involved in the game due to the natural graphics and screen imaging.



The gaming scientist has worked hard in introducing true color graphics. The 4K display technology keeps you involved in the game because of the clarity. The crispness and realistic effect, the well-defined texture, and display all are enough to create the mesmerizing effect and to keep you involved in a game for hours.

APPLE IOS 13.1.1 now available with many fixes.

Apple has been aggressive with its upgrades recently. To provide the ultimate quality and counter unwanted bugs, Apple prioritizes user-experience, and the world can feel it. An upgrade focuses on bringing better and positive aspects forward and eliminating the unwanted or malfunctioned features. The APPLE IOS 13.1.1 now available with many fixes to Apple users. Upgrades can also be termed as the evolutionary process in the digital or technological world. And Apple lives up to its name.

Apple 13.1.1

The IOS 13.1.1 is now available with many fixes. It is the second upgrade of Apple version 13 after the first upgrade of 13.1. This new upgrade is characterized not only for its additional features but for fixing bugs, which are causing troubles for Apple users. Both the upgrades have been launched in a week of the release of IOS 13, reflecting upon how crucial and mandatory these upgrades are for any Apple IOS 13 user.

Its target users

Apple IOS 13.1.1 is compatible with iPhone 6S and all its successive versions, including the 7th generation iPod. Many of the users will be upgraded automatically, but if you are among them and your version has not been upgraded yet, you can do it manually.

Third-party keyboard bug

With the release IOS 13, third-party keyboards were accessible from anywhere around the globe without the user’s permission. This was catastrophic, and version 13.1.1 gave a solution to this problem.

Keyboards like Google board and others are authorized to send any of your data online that is easily accessible. This can be hazardous for people who like to keep their stuff to themselves as these keyboards, which are not native to IOS, leak every word you type on them.

Apple has successfully removed this issue, and now none of the third-party keyboards can discharge data behind the user’s back.

Other bugs

Also, the synchronization of reminders was recorded to be slow as compared to the other versions. Thankfully, it has been fixed in this upgrade. Furthermore, vocal recognition has been improved manifold on iPhone 11 and family.